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This page is an incomplete list of hackspace infrastructure projects.

Asset Inventory Project (Parked)

The Asset Inventory Project was an attempt to build a bespoke inventory system from scratch.

To be honest, my primary goal here was autodidactism. I was using this project as an excuse to learn and apply CQRS and Event Sourcing, and to learn ASP.NET Core. As such, development has been a bit slow.

UPDATE: I've pretty much reached the end of what I wanted to do with this project. I don't plan on working on the software anymore (at least until the ODdata team releases support for Asp.Net Core).

If you would like to deploy another inventory system (probably a good idea) I will help migrate my data.

See Main Article.

Supply Store Project (Needs an Owner)

The Supply Store Project currently needs an owner and volunteers.

See Main Article.

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