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Joining as a Personal Member

At Thursday Social Nights

The best way to become a member of the community is to come along to a Thursday social night and meet the group. We'll give you a tour and a rundown of what we do, what's planned, the rules and what to expect, and introduce you to whoever has turned up that night out of the regular membership.

If you like what you see and hear, and are up for becoming part of the community yourself, ask for the Treasurer (Jamie), Coordinator (Lauren), or the evening's keyholder and have a chat with them about membership. They'll set you up.

Social nights are held every Thursday night from 7-11pm, at the new space in the basement of the Oxford Centre for Innovation on New Road, Oxford. Refreshments are available.

It is also possible to join at other times when the space is open, but because we'll want to make sure you understand the community nature of the organization (it's not just a service), please do come along on a Thursday evening to chat with us first, if you can.

Joining Online

If you can't make it down to a social night, live out of town or just want to support the existence of a citizens' manufacturing workshop like this for the public, you may also wish to consider becoming a member online.

To do this, send an email to Jamie, the Treasurer, at asking about membership, and he'll send you a bank code and/or otherwise set you up.

Membership Fee

Membership is paid monthly on a pay-as-you-can basis, with a guide price of £20 a month.

Some pay up to £40, and for those with tighter circumstances, the minimum is £10.

Membership entitles you to a keyfob granting 24/7 RFID access (eventually--but not yet), a personal box (provided by the space, coming soon) and a vote (if you have joined the company).

Joining as a Business or Charity Member

There is separate membership provision for business members (for businesses with substantial income).

Details coming soon.

"Baby" Businesses

If your business is new, just starting up, or otherwise doesn't make much income, you may qualify as a "Baby Business."

Baby Businesses enjoy substantially reduced rates on pretty much everything, because we want to help you grow (if that is your goal). We try to record statistics on how many Baby Businesses are about and how many grow, as that data helps us justify keeping on providing this support.

More details coming soon.

Meeting Other Members

In general, to learn about Oxhack's culture and to keep up with Hackspace news, members are encouraged to join the mailing list, where most things are organized and many decisions are made.

Also see the IRC channel, where people chat and are available during the day.

It is of course not mandatory to join either of these, but they are the best way to interact with the Hackspace community and to draw upon its collective expertise. (This is Oxford, people know a ridiculous amount about all sorts.) You will probably have a better and more clued-in time at the space if you do join the mailing list.

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