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Purpose of This Page

The below are documents and media that have been created to help advertise the space over time.

Please add any documents, pamphlets or other media you create or know of to this page so we have a central location to access them later.

Drafting New Items

If you are drafting something new for an event or altering a document that is posted below, please remember to give some consideration to mentioning the prototyping service and the support the Oxford Trust have given us, in addition to mentioning the community side of things.

Some people tend to forget to mention the points about the service and sponsor when they write things, but it's important that we remember to include those in some way as such mentions are important to the Trust continuing to support us.


Oxhack Handbill

These were originally drafted for VentureFest, June 2016.

One page, with 4 handbills to a page:

.ODT version
.DOCX version
.PDF version

Colourful Oxtopus Poster

.JPG version of colourful Oxtopus poster

OxHack Flyers - A4 and A5 .docx and .pdf

A4 .docx version
A4 .pdf version
A5 .docx version
A5 .pdf version

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