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The Oxford Hackspace

We are a group of volunteers have been working to set up a hackspace in Oxford, UK - a community space to meet and collaborate on ideas and projects spanning art, technology, science, DIY and beyond. The word "hack" in this context is used to mean creating and combining items in new and delightful ways, often to benefit the public, and the worldwide hacking movement will soon have a home in Oxford!

We recently created our first Hack space by moving into a 16 MetreSquare space under the auspises of OVADA Oxfordshire Visual Arts Develoment Agency. We currently have a social meeting every thursday at to talk shop and work on projects together, but we are open most days of the week please see for opening times. Come along to the meetings and meet like minded, creative people to work on projects and/or socialise with, or just start interacting on this wiki

We're currently fitting out our hackspace, i.e. a community workshop where we can have the tools to work on our projects. We're looking into various venues in Oxford. Setting up the space will require some work and we're always looking for people to help, if that's what you're interested in. If helping with the building and admin isn't your thing then don't worry, just come along and make stuff.

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