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Sewing Machines

As of March 2016, Oxhack owns 3 domestic sewing machines for public use.

Their models and status are as follows:

* Machine 1
* Machine 2
* Machine 3

Support Equipment

We also own the following equipment and add-ons:

* 2 x 32-piece presser foot set   ---->   click here to watch a YouTube playlist that will train you to use them all
* 3 x Clear satin presser foot -- for actually seeing what you are doing
* 1 x 25 empty clear sewing bobbins with case
* 1 x 480 pearl-headed pins
* 6 x Baby seam ripper
* 3 x Thread snippers
* 3 x 30 assorted hand needles
* 3 x Wearable pin cushion
* 3 x Fiskars right-handed dressmaking scissors
* 1 x Prym left-handed dressmaking scissors
* 6 x 150cm tailor's tape measure
* 1 x Olfa ambidextrous rotary cutter
* 1 x Adhesive worktop measuring tape
* 3 x 10-pack of Schmetz assorted 70-90 sized machine needles suitable for most weights of fabric
* 1 x 5-pack of 16/100 denim machine needles
* 1 x 5-pack of 75/11 & 90/14 Schmetz machine quilting needles
* 2 x 5-pack, assorted sizes, Shmetz stretch/jersey ballpoint machine needles
* 1 x Imperial French curve and ruler for making and altering patterns
* 1 x Mini handheld pencil iron -- quilters, srsly you've got to try this
* 1 x Fancy Russell Hobbs steam iron with a 3m cord
* 1 x Brabantia tabletop ironing mat
* 3 x Chalk fabric pencils
* 6 x Two-hole manual pencil sharpener
* 1 x Clover double tracing wheel -- for easily adding seam allowances. Use with chalk transfer paper, no spikes on these wheels.

Requesting Equipment

Please speak up on the mailing list or to the maintainer(s) (Lauren) in person if you would like the space to own any additional equipment or tools, as we'll be adding things over time.

Thread, Zips, and Other Consumables

Consumables like thread and zips are provided by the sewer, but should also be sold in the Oxhack shop when it gets stocked at some point.

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