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Cupboard 1 has been temporarily targeted for use as a temporary donations storage and as part of an effort to make use of them and remove useless donations.


With this in mind it has been emptied out, with member's belongings moved into the member's boxes or asked to be collected. The below table contains the remaining items to be organised/collected. This should be done by 3rd of September or another collection date organised. If you can't make it arrange with members on the mailing list to store it for a while longer with a definite time frame specified.

Use ☑ for dealt with and ☒ for abandoned/donated.

Item Image Assumed Owner Collected/Needed?
Nexus Q IMG 20160820 005443.jpg Kate
Linksys Router Linksys router.jpg Kate or Natalie?
Fancy cassete player labeled M.F. IMG 20160820 004619.jpg Tim Murphy
Guitar Hero + Accessories IMG 20160820 005046.jpg Matt Wescott
Guitars IMG 20160820 004651.jpg Small one Lauren's on loan, large one donated by Niko to music wall
Empty lego box IMG 20160820 005649.jpg Iulian
Electronic Microscope IMG 20160820 010119.jpg Unknown (it wasn't me, TimS)
2 Electronics Kits IMG 20160820 010946.jpg
4 Electronics kits + batteries IMG 20160820 011139.jpg
Arduino Mega Board IMG 20160820 011206.jpg Donated (I think) by Ada Lovelace hackathon -LH
Amplifier (Broken?) IMG 20160820 011415.jpg Nathan Benthal
Lamps + other bits IMG 20160820 011704.jpg Jenny List
Audio System IMG 20160820 012152.jpg Charles
Midi Controller IMG 20160820 012221.jpg Donated by Niko for music wall
Sets of paper craft Nyan Cats IMG 20160820 012919.jpg Donated by Ada Lovelace hackathon
Antenna IMG 20160820 013004.jpg Jared?
Electrostatic film IMG 20160820 013347.jpg Nathan Benthal
Electronics kit IMG 20160820 013517.jpg Oleg (donated)
Power Brick IMG 20160820 013549.jpg Alice
Monitor IMG 20160820 013617.jpg Jenny List
Soldering station manual IMG 20160820 013659.jpg Belongs in Oxhack equipment manuals file
Broken peg board IMG 20160820 013714.jpg
Box of ornaments IMG 20160820 013944.jpg Lauren Hutchinson
Roland Software Disk IMG 20160820 015209.jpg Belongs in Oxhack equipment software file for mill

Donation procedure

To be finalised. Currently Iulian has suggested the following on this mailing list thread:!topic/oxford-hackspace/qOD5a47lqs4

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