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Entrance to the OVADA

Website: OVADA

Twitter: OVADA

Facebook: OVADA

Address: The Warehouse, 14A Osney Lane, Oxford, OX1 1NJ

Telephone: 07875 722050

Map: Google OpenStreetMap

Currently we have moved into our 4x4m studio at the OVADA. We are currently out fitting our area with tables, chairs, sofas, storage facilities, we still need to either find a waterproof flooring or to paint the floor. Help is wanted, please see or the mailing list for up to date information.


About the OVADA

OVADA stands for Oxfordshire Visual Arts Development Agency. It exists to facilitate and promote access to high quality visual arts for all the residents of and visitors to Oxfordshire. They aim to put artists, the development of their practice and its successful promotion to audiences at the heart of our work.

Current Status

The floor and walls are fully installed. The walls have been sanded and painted Sofa, tables and office chairs are in use Some shelving has been hung

Jobs to be done

  • Painting the floor
  • More shelving
  • More Tables/desks
  • More Office and comfortable Chairs
  • Kettle (to go with the fridge)
  • Signs
  • Speakers - for music
  • Flat panel TV - does it work?



Wired Connection

We have ethernet wired to the corner of the studio. This is connected to OVADA's ADSL connection.

Wireless connection

We currently have two wireless networks;

  • via the OVADA network
  • via our in-studio router


The studio is supply by a metered 32A ring main. We have 6 sets of double sockets positioned around the room.


OVADA had plenty of parking but some of it is rented out. Need to check to see what our agreement is for parking


We currently have two (secured) 3D printers on loan to us

  • A makerbot
  • A reprap

We also have

  • A fabric bonding device
  • A soldering station
  • An Occilascope


View from top of stairs Main building (not ours!), 3ph 100a supply, currently two meters, one single rate in use, one dual rate not in use.

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