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I am a jack-of-all-trades who has studied a lot of different things, mostly for no good reason except joy.

I think that is such a wonderful statement to be able to make.

I believe the hackspace movement in general, and our space in particular, can be forces for overwhelming good if we let them.

I have had experiences and believe strongly in honesty and authenticity in relationships. Please feel free to be yourself with me. It's such a relief.

I'm fascinated by everything, so I'd love to know about your projects. If I'm not interested, I will not bullshit you either.  ;)

I have lived in many places and have strong opinions about the social sphere and politics. I do not believe we need to have 95% of the problems we do.

A prime reason I am here is to learn more about programming, electronics and mechanics.

I can always be counted on for loads of enthusiasm and ideas, some of which may be called wild by others.

I also tend to actually do some of those ideas. Ask around if you don't believe me ;)

I am deeply passionate about a few things:

  • improving societal structures at all levels, and bringing people into political involvement
  • improving the social milieu that has really degenerated in cities, through art, whimsy, touch and real relationships
  • improving the experiences of patients in the medical system
  • removing depression from the face of the planet.

Anything touching on any of these, you will have my guaranteed backing, so please let me know about your ideas! Xx

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