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We are thrilled to announce that RFID entry keyfobs are now available to all members!



Every paid-up member is now entitled to an RFID keyfob to come and go at the hackspace as they please, within the advertised hours of operation (on the main website).

To get one you will need to bring £10 deposit to the hackspace.

For the time being it will have to be when Jamie is in. If you want to be sure you can make an appointment, or see below for times it isn't usually needed.

If you can, please also bring photographic proof of identity (such as passport, driving licence or photo card with your name) and proof of address (such as a bank statement or utilities bill with your name).

If either of those are inconvenient right away, pop in and we'll issue a keyfob giving you 2 weeks grace period to bring the documents.

Keyfobs are linked to membership payments so if your membership expires they stop working, and if it resumes we'll activate them again.

Hours of operation are still limited to the opening hours when a staff member or responsible person has opened the space, though we hope to relax that eventually. This means your keyfob won't open the door if nobody has opened the space.

Have fun!

Extras to go with your keyfob

You might like any of these:

  • Strong keyrings (1 free)
  • Plastic tag (1 free)
  • Colourful stretchy coil with clip (£1)
  • Spring-return enclosed coil (£2)

What you'll need to bring


  • Be a member, or become a member on the spot
  • £10 deposit (in addition to membership)
  • Photographic proof of identity
  • Proof of address

If you can't bring the proofs, we'll give you 2 weeks grace period after getting the keyfob to bring them in.


Your keyfob will let you come and go freely during the opening hours, or more exactly when a staff member or responsible person has opened the space.

This means your keyfob won't open the door outside the advertised opening hours, unless there's someone in anyway.

We hope to relax this eventually.

"Keyfob surgery" planned enrollment times

Because it is linked to OCFI building security, which is a serious matter, will currently need to enroll when Jamie is in. We thought it better to issue keyfobs than to wait until we have a luxury issuing system.

That is most days and evenings, and you are welcome to ask at any time that fits. Take-up of keyfobs is welcome at all times!

However to make it easier for you to plan there are now keyfob surgery planned times:

  • Monday 20th June, 3pm-4pm and 8pm-10pm.
  • Tuesday 21st June, 1:30pm-7pm.
  • Wednesday 22nd June, 5pm-10pm.
  • Thursday 23rd June, 3pm-11pm (includes social night).
  • Friday 24th June, 1pm-9pm.

If they don't suit you, we are keen to get a keyfob into your hands. Please write to <jamie.lokier@oxhack.org> to ask for an appointment or call the hackspace number.

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