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Welcome to Oxford Hackspace!

Oxford Hackspace is a shared community workshop, open daily, which aims to give Oxford's diverse, creative and talented maker community a home. Come join us to make, break, and repair our creations, learn, teach, work, socialise and collaborate, inspire and get inspired amongst lovely like-minded people.

Members and visitors are welcome to drop in at any time when we're open to work on their projects, and there is
also a weekly public social night from 7pm every Thursday.

Wherever your interest lies, this is the space to do it--all ideas are exciting to us!  Come introduce yourself to the community on the mailing list!

RFID Keyfobs For All Members

Every paid-up member is now entitled to an RFID keyfob to come and go at the hackspace as they please, within the advertised hours of operation (on the main website). You'll need a £10 deposit among other things.

Full details here.

Director Election 2017

A new Director Election for 2017 has been announced, details over here.

Historical information about the 2016 election can be found here.

New, Larger Space

As of 24th October 2015, we now have a large and lovely space on New Road in central Oxford, open daily, for the hacking needs of Oxford's maker community. It's a great place for working and socializing with other bright sparks--come join us! Please see the Oxhack homepage for the address and opening times.

This 10-room, 3,000 sqft. space is huge compared to our last one, and the place is filling up fast with workspaces, workshop tools, 3D printed elephants and enormous laser cutters. If you've not dropped in recently, now is an exciting time to come check out what's new, join, and throw in your 2p about how we can help you!

Due to our new sponsorship by The Oxford Trust, the community will now also be operating a daily prototyping service serving small businesses, startups and individuals. We've employed two technicians in a job share to help with delivering this service, and they are on site 5 days a week to help as well. Please see the calendar for their working hours. The community side of things continues as lively as ever alongside this interesting addition!

Tools & Equipment

Check the Tools and Equipment page (in progress!) for a list of what's available to Hackspace members.

Current Members' Projects

*** = currently seeking participants

Joining & Social Night

If you are interested in joining, please see our information about how to do so here.

Join the mailing list here, and explore our other channels, including a chat room, on our website here.

Lastly, we have a weekly public social night every Thursday from 7pm--please see the website for details. We'd love to see you!

Our Interests

Here are some of the things our members are currently interested in:

Arduino, art installations, biocomputing, biohacking, carpentry, chemistry, crafting, cycling, data logging, demoscene, drawing, electro-mechanical interfaces, electronic privacy, electronics, embroidery, fabric dyeing, free software movement, games and gaming, glow-in-the-dark bikes, hardware, high-altitude ballooning, home automation, knitting machine(!), lasers, light and laser shows, light-painting, lighting design, mbed boards, mechanical design, micro:bit, microcontrollers, motors, NHS hackdays and improvements in general, open collaboration, open data, open science, open source ethos, phone apps, photography, public policy and getting the data to influence it, physical computing, robot skeletons, robot musical instruments, robotics, sciences, sensors, sewing, soldering, software design, teacher training, visual art, weaving, welding, women and minorities in science...etc. And so forth.

If you are interested in any of the above or other things entirely, please drop by and share!

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