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We need to equip the new giant Hackspace we've moved into at the Oxford Centre for Innovation.

The kinds of things we're looking for are:

  • Anglepoise-type lamps
  • Nice work chairs
  • A versatile array of benchtop machine tools
  • Nicer and more customizable lighting for task and for the rooms
  • Electronics equipment and reasonably recent components that won't eg. set on fire
  • Always more tape measures, clamps and measuring devices like micrometers
  • Plants in nice pots will be wanted at some point soon
  • Anything that would help make the new space more homey or organized without adding much clutter

We don't just want to be a dumping ground for people's old crap, but we'd prefer to find donated kit than pay for it. If you have anything that you think we'd like please list it below. Please include some photos of the kit, whether it's a donation or loan (i.e. will you want it back?), and your contact details so we can decide whether we want it and let you know.

If you have ideas of cool things you'd like the Hackspace to have please also edit Admin:Wishlist.

Items to consider

Item Owner Pictures Donate or loan? Status
Item 1 Name Photo caption Donation/Loan Accepted/Rejected
Item 2 Name Photo caption Donation/Loan Accepted/Rejected

How to add items

Please add rows to the mediawiki table above. "|-" makes a new row. Start your row with "|" and separate the columns using "||". See Help:Tables#Basics for help. To add images go to Special:Upload and upload an image (this page is also "Upload file" in the toolbox on the far left). Once it's uploaded add it to the table using "[File:filename|caption]". See Help:Images for help uploading and including images.

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