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The Ultimaker is kindly supplied by Science Oxford along with numerous other tools and equipment.

Anyone can use the 3d printers but for the best print quality, talk to a regular user. Alternatively read and follow the print manual for the Ultimaker.

- Print Manual file for printing or opening in word.

The manual gives you a full step by step guide to print successfully on the Ultimaker. to view the manual click this: [1]

It can print with USB from a computer running the appropriate software However it is recommended that you print via SD card. It can also print from an SD card, to put the print files on a computer, you require the appropriate software and of course an SD card reader.

For instructions on how to use the software (Cura) for the Ultimaker.

A: RepetierHost

B: Cura For Ultimaker, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqcW0EpDk2k.

C: Use ReplicatorG for the Makerbot Cupcake.



A sideways graph.
The Ultimaker


To print successfully there are many important factors The print sticking to the bed. Correct temperature of the print bed and extruder. (jamming extruder or model not sticking) Good quality filament. (inconsistent prints with gaps or blobs or jammed extruder) Consistent air flow and temperature. (prints warping or not sticking)

In order to have these, you need environmental factors to be correct as well as have the necessary print materials.

For prints to stick to the bed you need either:

1: ABS Acetone mix applied to the bed thinly.

2: Blue painters Tape applied evenly.

3: The stickfast print bed in place.

4: A very clean glass surface.

For prints to remain stuck you need:

1: Consistent air temperature

2: Consistent or ideally no airflow (if you cannot guarantee 0 airflow then make it consistent with a fan)

3: Consistent bed temperature (under powered printers have trouble)

For Good quality filament you need: To buy from a reputable supplier (up to you who you go for but time is money and the money you save on cheap filament will be lost in time and failed prints, a good filament for 1kg costs at least £18)


Only whitelisted materials will be permitted. Each material will have predetermined settings you must use. If you wish to print a material not yet on the whitelist please first contact one of the designated chief operators as some filaments can produce dangerous gases.

Materials Whitelist


Regular Operators

Jared Reabow ... ... ...



3D Printer Documents

- The 2016 Print settings file for printing or opening in word.

- The 2016 Print Log and failed print file for printing or opening in word.

- The 2016 Print Manual file for printing or opening in word.

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