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This is an *incomplete* record of roles and responsibilities at the hackspace. It is a work in progress.

Role / Responsibility Appointee(s)
Treasurer Jamie Lokier
Key fob registration, Data Protection Officer, general security Jamie Lokier
Laser Safety Officer Tim Stephens
Electrical Safety Officer Jenny List
PAT Testing Jenny List
Insurance Compliance Officer (risk assessments, training, etc) Lauren Hutchinson
Hackspace shop (materials) Paul Riggs, Jamie Lokier
Hackspace canteen (food, refreshments) Finances: Jamie Lokier, Stocking: Jamie Lokier, Peter Lister, Glyn Kennington, Iulian A, Christopher Hale
Technician shifts & leave Lauren Hutchinson
Substitute technician (unpaid) during leave Jamie Lokier
Prototyping service managers Lauren Hutchinson, Jamie Lokier
Prototyping business administration Jamie Lokier
Contracts and similar legal agreements Lauren Hutchinson, Jamie Lokier
Keyholder shifts -
Keyholders Jamie Lokier, Matt Westcott, Yves C, Peter Lister, Iulian A, Lauren Hutchinson, Matt Ellen, Tim Murphy, Jenny List, Nathan Bentall, Glyn Kennington, Christopher Hale
Directors Directors' Email
Lauren Hutchinson
Glyn Kennington
Christopher Hale
Jamie Lokier
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